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gEt ADDiCtED to造句

沉溺于 i am addicted to English Study

be addicted to与get addicted to的区别:1、be addicted to 意思是沉溺于,上瘾……后面常接名词或是动词的ing形式,是惯用用法,to在这里是介.2、get addicted to 对某事上瘾,后面跟的是具体的事情.拓展资料 be addicted to1、If you can't

意思是:沉浸于 对上瘾如果有其他需要帮忙的,尽管找我【望采纳】,谢谢

addicted to love

这个问题还是愚公老李来解答下:get addicted to 这个短语中 to 是个介词,它的后面是要接名词、代词或动名词的.它不是不定式,这点容易与不定式混淆,需要特别记住的.与这个短语类似的短语还有:get down to , look forward to , get used to , lead to 等等.它们的后面都是接名词、代词或动名词,而不能接动词原形.这也是一个语法的重点.希望这个解答能帮到你.

1 When heard the bad news he ran away right off. 2 John and Mary moved in a new house. 3 Some drug addicts shoot up drugs into their bodies. 4 Several bad guyes often hang out here. 5 Tom rose to beat the dog. 6 He is badly addicted to drugs.

regret doing sth 是后悔、遗憾、抱歉做了某事! 事情是已经发生了用这个! 例句 i regret interrupting you. 我很抱歉打扰你了! regret to do sth 是遗憾要做某事! 例句 i regret to tell you that you can't go there!我很遗憾告诉你,你不能去那里! regret n. 遗憾, 悔恨, 抱歉, 歉意 vt. 为感到遗憾, 后悔, 惋惜, 哀悼, 懊悔 vi. 感到抱歉

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addict是动词,表示沉谜!所以用于上面的搭配要加-ed.这点要注意!e.g. I am addicted to Internet.(我沉谜于网络)

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